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                      I think one of the most important revelations I recently have had is that nothing in this world belongs to us. Everything in our world is fleeting and ephemeral. Human existence has an in built illusion embedded in it, we are taught that things are ours. We are taught this is my mother, father, sister, wife, husband, son and daughter. Actually, we have to know that everything and anything can be taken away from us at any moment. Loss is an intrinsic part of human existence. Our own lives is one of departure, we are only guests on the planet earth. I lost my beloved mother, Maimuna Zikria to Alzheimer's disease three years ago. She passed away September 14th 2009. Recently, a very close frienship of mine came to an end because that friend, Hyenal Way accused me of going into her house while she was not there. Our friendship has ended, she should know better that I am incapable of doing something like that. I have grieved for two days the loss of this friendship, and now I am strong inside and know that this person had a destructive energy field. So, it is true everything and every realtionship has its time and season. As William Blake stated," We will grieve not, rather
find strength in what remains behind."

                If we go into relationships with the notion we can end the relationship at any time,we will not get that hurt and feel depressed. Depression sets in when people have an absolute outlook. If you loose a job, one has to realize that there will be other jobs. If one looses a friendship, there will be other friendships in our life. This notion also applies to love. There will always be a new love in one's life. And if this is not the case, one can spend one's time reflecting and meditating, this process gives shape to the phenomenon of loneliness. Life is not hopeless, till we have life, we have hope. And there is hope even after we face death, a different type of hope.

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